Europe Holding

KALINIS EUROPE HOLDING — group of companies, which is, manages diverse portfolios of assets and investments in more than 20 countries of the World, which generate sustainable financial returns for its shareholders and our partners.
KALINIS is investing and collaborating at the leading edge of global growth and create opportunities for future generations. We will continue to support our leadership’s vision, as we build upon professionalism of our team, who are working for free, stable and dignified life for the people of the countries where we are working.


For over 35 years in very different business projects KALINIS team of professionals has and continue successfully manage own and partner’s the high yield financial instruments, multipurpose investment lines and the private projects.


KALINIS industry focused investment platform is fully integrated across asset classes and geographies, enhancing results and promoting a strong culture of teamwork.


By evaluating opportunities for investments, KALINIS investment teams have a broad perspective which positions is need to KALINIS for capture both relative and absolute benefits for us and our partners.


KALINIS staff a highly rigorous, fundamental, value-based approach to investing that seeks to generate strong performance through a focus on obtaining trade profits and protection of investments.


The deep continuity of KALINIS management team has enabled a consistent investment philosophy, process and a strong culture, which we believe contributes to attractive performance.


Since its inception, KALINIS has embraced a partnership approach to developing long term strategic relationships with our partners, clients and other market participants to address their evolving needs in creative ways.