Business advisory services

The investment consultancy services offered by our team together with our strategic partners from OAK HILL INVESTMENT FUND (Luxembourg) and other veritable international Investment Funds, which has experience in creating a strong infrastructure, better planning the future of the company, and making investments both more profitable and more efficient, is valid for all sectors.

In recent years, the importance of investment instruments in the capital markets has increased even more. A new investment vehicles is issued almost every day. However, the right investment is only possible when it is made with a strategic point of view. Acting strategically and making the right decision are the two most important dynamics for investments to provide a return. At this point, you can benefit from investment consultancy services and make a point with your investments.
Our consultant staff, who has a big professional background, has the knowledge, technical infrastructure and experience to provide the service you need. For this reason, all kinds of financial instruments such as stocks, deposits, funds, gold and foreign currency are evaluated by our team and we always is ready advise to our partners the most accurate and profitable investment tools.
You can easily benefit from the services we offer in the field of splitting, selling and various company trading activities. You can also rely on our expert team to solve the cash flow problems that companies frequently encounter, especially in various periods.
Contact us for more detailed information about our construction and project consultancy services, foreign trade consultancy or international foreign trade and import/export services.

Professional consulting services

Kalinis Team provide the full range of services necessary to complete a deal, including strategic advice, taxation advice, legal advice, regulatory compliance and due diligence.

We provide professional advice and experience to develop and maintain strong relationships with private equity houses and other sources of finance. Benefit of access to specialists in the rules and regulations governing public listed companies and de-listing.

KALİNİS have the industry knowledge and the global capability to advise on all aspects of transactions from deal; origination, through structuring to exit planning and execution.

Kalinis provides its own advisory and brokerage services in five main areas.


Creation of new concepts, strategies and plans with the management or senior management and CEO of the companies to which we provide our consulting services. Creation of the most effective organizational structure for the implementation of new activities or a business plan. A new approach to business-specific management and redesign of operations that will provide maximum benefit and profit for the business.


Selling or marketing such products or services at the most favorable prices in order to find the most profitable suppliers or buyers of products manufactured or sold by our business partners. Identifying new markets for our business partners and representing their interests around the world.


Supporting our business partners in investing their bank instruments or funds in the most profitable enterprises in the financial or money market.


Providing training and/or advising relevant departments by focusing on process improvements that will increase our business partners’ profits, growth and efficiency.


Creation and restructuring of personnel management in order to create an efficient and effective business environment for our business partners.

To use our services, you can send your requests to the company email: