One from Saudi Sheikhs once said, “Future generations will be living in a world that is very different from that to which we are accustomed; it is essential that we prepare ourselves and our children for that new world.” As a responsible investor, KALINIS is committed to leaving a positive and lasting impact on the communities where we deploy own capital or offer to place capitals of our partners.

As a business, we recognize the importance of an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework informing our investment decisions and asset management processes and are committed to continually uphold the emerging investment standards for our business and our portfolio companies.

Dear companies and representatives of the companies or individuals who have a wish to work with us!

We are ready to consider all proposals for cooperation with all the organizations that are interested in cooperation with us.

We are discuss working conditions and selling prices with the partners individually but we have something to offer for individuals who are interested in our production as well (all orders are accepted by e-mails given in the contacts or by phone calls).


Exceptional conditions are provided for those who want to become the suppliers-distributors in their local regions:

  1. Application are proposed for any regional company or partner with the provided sales batches during the indicated time (preliminary);
  2. The purchase of every type of goods (petrochemicals, medicines, metals, vegetable oils, fertilizers etc.);

Status of regional distributor is issued for one year (or Contact duration) with a possibility to extend provided that the discussed purchases will be implemented in your region.

Distributors themselves have the right to plan marketing strategies, implement the sales of goods or materials in own region.

All inquiries from the people who do not have the distributor rights, getting into the regional company or partners of KALINIS EUROPE HOLDING BV will be redirected to the closest regional distributors and the answers will be sent by all preferred means (fax, e-mail, mail, couriers).

All the interested are welcome to cooperate and communicate with us via e-mails, given addresses which you will find on our website. The final decision about the co-operation will be made after mutual opportunities and discussion of common goals.